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Petroleum Compliance Services & Fuel Tank Testing

Gaftek is proud to offer affordable and efficient Compliance testing and Facility Inspections to make sure your petroleum equipment is in working order at all times. Our expert and certified technicians will work with you to determine the appropriate tests for your equipment, and will even submit all forms of paperwork, and work with State Officials on your behalf.

Our Compliance Testing options include: Cathodic, Stage II, Hydro Static, Facility Inspections on AST/UST.

  • Tank service
  • Calibration of tank monitors
  • Tank testing
  • Line leak detector testing
  • Automatic tank gauge installation, maintenance and trouble shooting
  • Dispenser meter calibrations
  • Hydrostatic tightness testing of spill containment devices
  • Stage II vapor recovery decommissioning
  • Stage I system tightness testing
  • Interstitial tightness testing
  • Assist during state-witnessed facility inspections
  • Handle routine scheduling and submittal of forms/reports to state departments
  • High Flow Dispenser Meter Calibrations
  • Diesel Exhaust Fluid Meter Calibrations
  • Fuel Oil Delivery Truck Calibration